Sunday, May 24, 2009

Deep Emotional Connection

four questions that do help you to evaluate whether you have a deeper emotional connection
The first is — Do I respect and admire this person?

Now this does not mean — Am I impressed with the person? Being impressed means, I’m impressed with her car, I’m impressed with her job, I’m impressed with the way they look. Being impressed is not respect, and please don’t confuse the two. So you must ask this question — Do I respect and do I admire this person? And then ask yourself specifically, what specifically do I respect and admire about this person. Respect and admiration are the fundamental emotional connection that we have with another person.

The second question you must ask is — Do I trust this person? That again will put you in touch with a deeper emotion, a deeper feeling. Do I trust this person? Another way to ask this is — Can I rely on them? Do I feel I can rely on them? Do I trust their judgment? Do I trust their word? Can I believe what they say?

The third question to ask is — Do I feel safe? Do I feel emotionally safe with this person? That means, can I be vulnerable? Can I be myself? Can I be open? Can I express myself? We’ll talk about this more in point seven.

Do I feel calm and at peace with this person? That will also help you to get down to evaluating the deeper level of the emotional connection. Do I feel calm and peace? Now I think we all have a good friend, a good friend that when we’re with that person they do give us a sense of calm and peacefulness.

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