Sunday, August 05, 2007

Tom Scavo versus Rick Colletti

I know its only a tv show but let's imagine that it's not.

"Desperate Housewives brought in a new character Rick Colettei played by Jason Gedrick

He plays Scavo pizzeria's new employee who is interested in Lynnette Scavo.

Lynette has always had to 'carry' her husband Tom emotionally. If he succeeded it was always because Lynette did a lot of work to make sure that that happened.
While Tom has his good qualities and cares for Lynette, it seems as if Lynet
te is always paying for his mistakes.

Rick is new (lets forget that new means you don't know the guy very well)
Rick seems strong emotionally (not really because he's a recovering addict-but lets jus
t forget that for now)
Rick is always there for Lynette

Emotionally, Rick is the support for Lynnette.
Lynette can talk to him openly

Rick actually HELPS Lynnette
He inspired Lynette to wear her hair down, and THAT is one of the most important things to even happen to Lynette.
She let her hair down.
For once ..she was able to relax.

I'd take a Rick over a Tom anyday....

I refuse to look at this situation in a more realistic light. For now it's about drama free Male-female relationships

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